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The Quiet Coach

November 8, 2012

This is what happens when you TALK in the QUIET COACH.

If we’re all honest with ourselves we know that social networking has been reduced to little more than a platform for people to moan about public transport. Reviews of Tings will not stoop to this level; will not moan about the fractured sanctity of the quiet coach; about how screaming babies still make noise and clacking Blackberry keys still make noise and the way chew with your mouth open still makes noise. You’ll be interested to know that, when travelling by train, RoT always books a seat in the quiet coach. This because RoT likes to read or, if it’s night time, RoT likes to mime along to showtunes, watching itself in the darkness-mirrored window and pretending it’s in a music video. Fun though this, undoubtedly, is, RoT can’t help but wonder if it’s missing out on life. What goes on in these other, non-volume restricted carriages? What friendships are born? What friendships are killed? Do people buy drinks for each other and play cards, like a rigidly structured casino? Do people dance like the rowdy Irish people in Titanic? If RoT stumbled in there and stood on its very tippy toes would it get to have sex in a car? Basically, if RoT goes into a non-quiet carriage will it get to have sex? RoT is lonely.

Verdict: RoT inches one step closer to online dating.


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