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November 6, 2012

SMG was happy not to return her new top, despite obvious flaws.

There is a bit in The Return of the King, the best film ever made about a return (beating Return to Oz, Cocoon: The Return and even 2006 Sarah Michelle Gellar vehicle The Return), that never fails to make Reviews of Tings cry. It is the bit when the blissfully-in-denial ginger hobbit and the gay hobbit with a boner for him are on the exploding mountain and are about to die, when a huge sky beast (it’s been a while since RoT saw TRotK) swoops in and plucks them from peril. It is that cinematic mainstay, the clutching of a hero from the jaws of death, that turns on RoT’s waterworks. So, similarly, RoT has decided to breathe life back into its popular* blog. You will doubtlessly want to know where RoT has been. RoT will fold away the Financial Times it’s been reading for effect and tell you. It will tell you about the devastating heartbreak that forced it to the brink of a serious alcohol problem, even though everything seemed quite jolly at the time. It will tell you about the languages it’s learned and the great works of fiction it’s read (literally three whole books). It will tell you about how it took a self-imposed eight month break from its blog, just so it could write a post about return. But you will have to wait: the word limit has been reached.

Verdict: Reviews of Tings is back, for today at least.


*the post about Rob from GBBO Series 2 received literally tens of views

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  1. November 9, 2012 4:55 am

    Welcome back RoT. Sorry to hear about the broken heart, glad to hear that you found some level of consolation in those 3 books and a few stiff drinks (a strategy I am fond of my self at times). I haven’t blogged for months although I dare say I’ll get back to it one day. But life has been rough for me too and writing blogs just feels too HARD at the mo. The latest one about quiet PT was masterful. Any chance of those sharing button thingies so we can share your blogs to Facebook and the like?

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