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Brand Development Agencies

February 10, 2012

Jumping off the Brandwagon.

One thing that RoT has noticed about Mad Men (and it’s only watched 2 seasons, so no spoilers please) is that, when pitching to a client, the talented workforce of Sterling Cooper are succinct. Whether it’s Peggy clinching a deal with a major client and securing Freddy Rumsen’s office for her own, or Don reducing an entire room of grown men to tears with some well chosen family snaps and a Kodak Kaleidoscope – these guys are to the point. Not so in 2012. Image is everything –  if you want to develop a brand in this day and age then you have to look the part. There’s an easy guide to this: if you’re a man, wear clothes several sizes too small for you; if you’re a lady, swamp yourself in multitudinous layers of drably coloured fabric. In both instances use at least an entire canister of hairspray to ensure hair is at maximum volume, pop on a pair of oversize specs and – voila! – you’re a brand ambassador. Now you look the part, you’re going to have to learn the lingo. Sometime soon you’re going to find yourself in a boardroom full of eager marketeers. They hired you to refresh and develop their brand and this is it: the moment for you to dazzle them with your bold, creative work. Except you haven’t done anything, of course. Because there’s nothing to do: the concept of brand development is ludicrous, a fantasy. It’s key to understand the dynamic of the boardroom: these people know that you’re a style-over-content, blagging, talentless waste of space. You know that they know that. You have to give them what they want. You’ll definitely want to kick off with ‘At the heart of our brief was the desire to create something classic, yet modern’. Talk about ‘clean lines’ a lot. Use the word ‘cohesion’ as much as possible. A strong way to finish? ‘This is cultural. This is asirational.’ [dramatc pause] ‘This is emotional’. Don Draper would turn in his grave/nursing home.

Verdict: big fat liars.


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