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February 7, 2012

Suffers from gloop.

What are gloop? And how does it mean? These are important questions, but the grammar owls amongst you will have noticed something a little odd. What has happened to RoT’s often impeccable, often dubious, but never bizarre, grammar? The answer is ‘gloop’. Gloop lollops off the tongue like Blackpool hen-do at closing hour. Gloop permeates the brain, swelling like a toad’s throat, or perhaps that of a fresh-faced dictator. Even thinking about gloop has glooped RoT’s grammar – such is the power of gloop. Gloop is not just the greatest, most powerful word in the English language, it is a glorious state of mind. Gloop wobbles in an order of its own: a glorious new age, sludging over the past like an omelettey amoeba across the face of a sleeping man. Gloop: just say it. RoT knows it will make you happy. You can live off gloop. Gloop can educate your children. Farming gloop will make you prosperous. Should gloop slip over any liminal region, mined or otherwise, gloop would just reform like the syrupy singularity it is. Gloop! It will last for ever! Or at least be glooped underneath a glass case to be glooped over.

Verdict: RoT has no idea how things came to be like this. Long live gloop! 10/10

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