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Broken Promises

January 17, 2012

The real victim of Broken Promises.

Why did nobody tell RoT? Anybody reading The 12 Reviews of Christmas must have known that this was one venture doomed to fail. And, indeed, it must be today, on the centenary of Robert Falcon Scott achieving one of mankind’s greatest ever feats, that RoT faces up to its broken promise and admits its failure loud and clear. Letting down an army of loyal readers – which, despite evidence to the contrary, is actually an unusual occurrence – got RoT to thinking about broken promises. They are read about each day; a procession of anguish splashed across Dear Deidre’s Sun column. They are heard, in the anguished wailings of Celine Dion. They are tasted, in the snot-and-tears mix that trickle into the mouth of a destitute young woman, hysterical and horizontal on a sofabed. How cruel humans can be. Life is hard enough, with the frailty of our delicate anatomy; widespread poverty and poorly written literature gaining mainstream popularity. Little do we need to be turned on by those we should be leaning on for support. How many tears do you suppose Madonna has shed since Elton broke his promise of friendship at the Golden Globes? Or Kim Kardashian when her ex-husband reneged on his vow to let her film their wedding night sexploits? Reviews of Tings will play no part in this broken promise epidemic. From now on.

Verdict: finally freed of the burden of guilt, RoT can resume it’s normal one review a month service for its 5 3 devoted readers.


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