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Lee Evans’ Fans

November 27, 2011

This man is a dear; genuinely.

Life takes many strange twists and turns and, to its amusement, RoT has found itself spending some time with comedian Lee Evans lately. As an aside: regardless what RoT might think of his comedy, Mr Evans has proven himself to be a thoroughly lovely gentleman. Not quite so lovely, sadly, are his fans. The most important thing to know about Lee Evans fans is that there are no new Lee Evans fans. Nobody has popped round to a friend’s bedsit and caught them at the end of one of Lee’s standup DVDs, watched it and thought ‘I enjoyed that; I’ll explore some of his extensive back catalogue’. No: every Lee Evans fan has been there since his inception, like a hipster with less style. Also true is that if a Lee Evans fan has a child – and they often do: the 35-year-old grandmother of 2 is a recurring character amongst this throng – then said child must be raised exclusively on Lee Evans, which, as well as showing a flagrant disregard for BBFC certifications, isn’t helping to improve literacy and numeracy ratings. Reviews of Tings would like to be able to not judge these people, but they don’t deserve it. They are the people who tut and moan at teenage girls who scream themselves hoarse at the boyband-du-jour; whinging about falling standards and misplaced devotion. But these people are woefully, blindly hypocritical. And worse than that, they are, in every way, rude.

Verdict: Better to be a Little Monster or captain the Rihanna Navy than dwell amongst the Evans bog scum.


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