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Save the Date!

November 22, 2011

Amy and Michael: sadly fused after a Nuclear incident in Obninskya.

Wisdom cannot be taught, Henri Ducard probably said to Batman-before-he-was-Batman in Batman Begins. Reviews of Tings, being one of the few born with genuine wisdom, appreciates the truth in these words. An advantage of this inherently instilled wisdom- along with a fondness for sorbet and a flair for picking out curtain fabric – is that RoT has selected friends who have waited until a sensible time in their lives to wed. However, this doesn’t mean that RoT’s friends are similarly wise, and many have lumbered themselves with acquaintances who are chomping at the bit to march up that aisle. Thorough research* has led RoT to believe that planning a wedding is alot of hard work: one must buy cakes and flowers and shoes, all in secret. But before any of this, before this organisational Everest can be scaled, one must send out ‘Save the Dates’. Some of you, blissfully unaware of the needless, forced inventions of the modern world, might not be familiar with ‘Save the Dates’. Let RoT explain: it’s basically an invitation to warn you that, at an unspecified time in the future, you will receive an invitation for a specified time in the future. What is wrong with people? Yes, in the 21st Century life has become a stomping blur – moving so quickly that it becomes impossible to even regularly update a small-time blog – but surely this is unnecessary? If you, the invitee, are afraid that a prospective guest, having double booked, won’t cancel a plan for your wedding, then maybe you shouldn’t invite them? Or maybe weddings just aren’t that important anymore?

Verdict: RoT has an Outlook calendar. RoT has a day-to-a-page Moleskine. RoT is happy for you to text over the date of your wedding, or for you to just print the invitations earlier.


*Watching back-to-back episode of Don’t Tell The Bride for an entire weekend

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