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Going to Church

September 16, 2011

Yes. It's another picture of a church.

Well, hasn’t it just been quite the week? First, Pauline Quirk’s face is plastered everywhere because she’s lost 12stone or something. RoT takes full credit for this – how can it not? Second, the Great British Bake Off for some reason decided to lose the majority of itsviewership by shedding Bobby Billington, leaving the competition with a clutch of faffy menopausal spinsters and an overly fussy young mother. Trying times indeed. So where should RoT turn to draw strength when it can’t browse the ‘Women’s Interest’ section of the magazines in Tesco without seeing Pauline’s newly gaunt, soulless face gurning up at it? There’s no need to telephone Mama Ting to find out what her answer would be: church. Mama Ting insisted on church visits with regular frequency. But her church of choice was a leaky place: indeed, one four-service Christmas Day almost saw the back of Nana Ting after inducing a particularly nasty bout of Pneumonia. But Mama Ting’s fearsome insistence upon regular church visits – RoT was only allowed to stop going to Sunday School when it left home for university – sucked any positivity from the experience. Now, for reasons that are blurry at best, RoT recently found itself in a church service – in this actual pictured church – even though it wasn’t Christmas. Sadly, the hymns weren’t very good, but the general experience was actually a little bit eye-opening. Because amongst the reverend’s quite bad hair, his wife’s jolly farmer gear, the organists cheeky giggles and an old dear who regularly interrupted the sermon, RoT thought that maybe it sensed a spirit of community for the first time. Or maybe it just enjoyed pretending to be in an episode of The Vicar of Dibley.

Verdict: RoT would probably go back, if only to get style tips from Cath (the reverend’s wife).


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