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The passing resemblance between Hemingway & Tom Selleck

September 7, 2011

I did Monica in Friends. I think.

You’d think there were more things in the world to review: you’d probably be right. But the resemblance between moustached, tiger-wrestling, Cuba-visting, literary genius, sex demon Reviews of Tings and Tom Selleck got RoT thinking: what if there were other people who looked a bit like Tom Selleck and were destined to outshine him in this thing we call ‘history’. Well, RoT looked through the ‘history’ books and found this Ernest Hemingway man. He fished, he ate, for all RoT knows, he probably had a poo one time or other: but most importantly, he predicted Tom Selleck’s trademark look by a number of years RoT can’t be bothered to work out. Look at the hairy-lip slug, isn’t it a treat? Doesn’t it remind of Tom Selleck? Sure, there are differences. On close inspection, they look nothing like each other. But imagine they passed one day, you know, some time in ‘history’ before Hemingway became a worm buffet: they were just both on the sidewalk and WOW, did I just see twins? Oh wait, that one looks basically very little like the other. Oh, oh well, never mind.  But for a moment, just for a moment, RoT reckoned it would have loads of fun seeing people who looked like each other. All because of Ernest Hemingway and Tom Selleck. And one champion moustache. Well done boys, well done.

Verdict: RoT needs to get out more. But hey, wasting your life comparing Tom Selleck and Ernest Hemingway with very little comparison is worthwhile, right? 6/10.

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