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August 17, 2011

Literally a man of infinite jest. Except he died, like.

RoT literally blew a fuse when it found out that a question mark is literally hanging over the Euro Zone. After fixing the fusebox, RoT returned to find out what this question mark was doing literally hanging over Europe, if the Belgians can see it through their wide little eyes, and what the Germans are going to do about it. This turned out to be literally the worst idea ever, because RoT literally had the wool pulled over its eyes: there is, literally, no question mark literally hanging over the Euro Zone; the Belgians literally can’t see it, and the Germans are literally going to do nothing literal about it. Rot literally hasn’t gone off the roof in, like, literally a month of Sundays. Literally. Literally, people everywhere are saying literally when there is nothing literal about their statement. RoT has literally had it up to its eyes with all this. And with literally no end in sight, is going to literally chop off its head.

Verdict: This was literally the dampest squib RoT has ever reviewed, firing none of its cannons. All balls and no spark. 1/10

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