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That Ticket Thing

August 14, 2011

Nobody is this happy on a train - this is blates a porno.

If it happened to you, you probably wouldn’t be as bothered. And, in fact, it probably should happen to you more than it happens to those unlucky few – after all, you’ve ridden without a ticket before. Hells, you’ve even recycled tickets by hastily licking off the inspector’s stamp. But it isn’t you. It’s probably some travelling foreign students or, perhaps, a harrassed mother of three young children. And what are they being persecuted for? Why, their ticket is invalid, of course. Mr/Miss (definitely not Mrs) Ticket Inspector is in need of an ego boost so calls these poor people out on having booked onto the wrong train, or not having a valid seat reservation. Meanwhile, in a depressingly unsurprising show of cowardice, Ticket Inspector has not even asked the small, rowdy gang of hooded youths for their tickets. It’s horrible – squirm-inducing – to watch this happen; to see the targetted individual fluster and flap, searching, in vain, for a ticket that they know they don’t have. And suddenly Ticket Inspector is made of steel, unwilling to relent. A full fare will be charged, so the train companies can go on spending cash on invisible system upgrades. If RoT wasn’t vastly over-qualified, it would become a train ticket inspector and be nice and lenient and kind, and the world would be better.

Verdict: Rant over, with apologies. Everyone knows trains suck.


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