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August 11, 2011

Beyonce? Babylonize? What's the link? Read on ...

Words, words, words. New ones spring up everyday, like dandelions, McDonalds, and spots on rioters (that last one was topical, see). In fact, RoT could just invent a word now: ekplastorish. Yep, you’re right, that’s exactly what it means. But how do those lexicographers at the Oxford English Dictionary keep up? They don’t, the lazy shits. But here’s their latest attempt to lasso the English language:

Babylonize, v. 1. trans. and intr. To align or affiliate with Babylon or Babylonia. Obs.

                            2. trans. To make Babylonian (in various senses)

How quickly the street kids slang moves on nowadays: the OED’s latest word already has one obsolete meaning. But how can we use this word? And what does it have to do with Beyonce. 1. Can RoT, for instance, Babylonize your mam? 2. Was the Arndale Centre Babylonized? 3. And can you Babylonize yourself American style? (Answers below). So what about Beyonce? Well, this is the real lesson of the review: a quick google search of ‘Babylonize’ reveals that on the internet you’re never more than two pictures away from Beyonce. Beyonce has hung her garden everywhere and Babylonized the internet.

Verdict: Thanks to the good people of the OED, we now know what Beyonce’s up to, the crazy bitch. 10/10

1. Tear her up Marduk style then build a ziggurat in honour of your success. 2. Yes: it was demolished and rebuilt. 3. Yes, but only if you can fit an air base on your ruined body.

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