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Finding a Dead Mouse in a MouseTrap

July 25, 2011

Mouse in happier times. RIP, buddy.

Sure, nobody likes a mouse in their house, despite the jolly rhyme it involves. And, if Aesop’s classic can teach us anything, it’s that no matter whether one displays a predilection for rural or urban living, a mouse is always nearby. Now, RoT is happy to admit that it has lived with a mouse for some time. Though the mouse was first discovered, to many a scream, in a bedroom, it seems likely that mousey lived under the fridge. He wasn’t a frequent visitor, actually, making himself visible only once a week or so, just to let RoT know that he was still alive. Now, sometime around the early sightings of the mouse – and we’re talking a good 6 months ago here – a trap was laid. It is a cruel trap, with razor teeth lining a jaw that snaps with lightning venom. But the mouse was too clever to be caught out in such a way, and so the trap lay unused, dust covered and forgotten. It doesn’t take a genius to see where this review is going. Suffice to say that RoT had enjoyed a spendid evening listening to an orchestra, but as soon as it returned home knew that something wasn’t right. The light didn’t even need to be turned on in the kitchen; the shadow on the floor said all that needed to be said. Luckily a friend was at hand to deal with the atrocity, but the sight of the mouse, of his hind legs and tail jutting lifelessly from that barbarous, black plastic, is forever emblazoned on RoT’s mind.

Verdict: Reviews of Tings has witnessed many things, but a cruelness this stark and exposed it hopes never to surpass.


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