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Man With Sign

July 18, 2011

"Aw HELLS no you din't use Comic Sans!"

RoT was a juror once; foreman of the jury, no less. ‘Not guilty,’ RoT boldly announced, releasing a former Tesco employee back into society and his blazing career. Similar words were recently uttered in the trial of one Casey Anthony, enraging the majority of Americans. RoT isn’t going to wade into this. It’s just one of those things, isn’t it, where Americans whip themselves into a frenzy with a bare-to-nil understanding of the facts? What did catch RoT’s eye though, amongst the throngs of hatemongerers greeting Casey upon her release, was this man and his little sign. Now come here lad, and sit on RoT’s knee. It’s about time we had a little chat. Listen: marriage is a very special thing. You can’t just go around proposing to every acquitted child killer you see on Fox News. You’ve got to get to know her first: take her to a drive-in movie; treat her to a Taco Bell. Then, when you’re sure that she’s the one for you to wed, it’s a nice idea to put your church clothes on – get your Mamma to iron you a shirt. Shorts and a yellow tee – that do not flatter your ass – just aren’t going to cut it here. And brush your hair. And smile. And boy, for the love of Jesus, what is in that carrier bag? Get off RoT’s knee now Sonny Jim, you’re a terrifying human being.

Verdict: RoT can’t say anything here that that woman’s face hasn’t already. Wriggly belly inducingly disturbing.


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