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La Fête Nationale

July 14, 2011

Allons enfants de la Patrie, Le jour de gloire est arrivé!

Bonjour! RoT loves a bit of French and, as you know, is incredibly sensitive to all souls striving to master this great nation’s language. In fact, one day RoT fancies that it will settle down with a French spouse and nibble on pastries before spending its days making angry, passionate love in every room of its chic Paris apartment. Readers will be aware that RoT finds the UK’s limp, uninspired national holidays a source of frustration and disappointment. In the face of this, let us all celebrate La Fête Nationale instead – for this is a holiday commemorating the STORMING of a PRISON. Who cares that there were only seven men languishing inside at the time – the French are spot on with commemorating an action film-esque act of defiance that shaped the future of their nation. Plus, they celebrate it properly: no sitting in a traffic jam on the A55 for four hours just to paddle in the rather oily waters of Talacre beach for 15 minutes before the heavens open. No, La Fête Nationale is about feasting and parading and generally being Gallic and ace. RoT is now going to replace all of its British Bank Holidays with international ones and celebrate in the traditional style, even if it does mean losing its job. WHICH IT WILL.

Verdict: pop La Marseillaise on repeat and crack out the garlic – this afternoon RoT is blowing this joint up Frenchie-style!


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