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The Opinions of Lauren19x

June 30, 2011

Opinion is important, and RoT should know. The freedom to comment at will; to express oneself in any form; to make a difference through words. This in mind, RoT would like to introduce Lauren19x to a wider audience. Lauren, pictured, took umbrage with the review of Trimming One’s Own Hair, which RoT felt was fairly innocuous – at the time. What really sets Lauren apart from the crowd is her intuition – her razor sharp detection of sarcasm; her inherent understanding of irony; her ability to take a joke. Lauren’s initial issue seems to be with RoT’s suggestion that Pink cut her own hair. Someone else did it, Lauren, the walking encyclopedia, corrects RoT. Really Lauren? Are you sure? That Pink, the hugely successful, internationally famous recording artist has her hair cut by someone else? You are opening RoT’s eyes! Next Lauren, upset that RoT said Pink has moobs, informs us – reliably, of course – that Pink was pregnant at the time of the photograph being taken. This is girl is so selfless – she’s the Jesus Christ of Pink-based information. Worryingly, Lauren becomes distracted, and asks RoT how big its Dad’s tits are. RoT thinks that this is a personal question, especially since his mastectomy, and so will decline to comment. Lauren then decides to play RoT at its own game, and offer a review of the review. She writes- Shockingly bad article, terrible story, no facts, terrible layout, doesnt[sic] attract a readers[sic]  attention at all, my list goes on – my professional advice? Give up. Well, Lauren – you win. It is a terrible story. There are no facts. The layout could use some work. But really, Lauren, you’ve kind of missed the point. RoT isn’t here to tell stories, reinvent blog design or – like you – spout off facts about pop stars. So, as a gift – a parting gift really, to ask you never to read this blog again – RoT is going to review you, Lauren, in one word. Twat.

Verdict: RoT isn’t going to take your professional advice, Lauren, because it doesn’t see how ‘crazy lady who stands by dumpsters eating cat faeces and scaring children’ really bears any relevance to what is going on here.


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