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Not Writing Reviews (of Tings)

June 28, 2011

Herr Gorbatschow, reißen Sie diese Mauer!

RoT has been on holiday. Not for an entire fortnight, granted,  but just being on an aeroplane induced a kind of brain-based Berlin Wall, enforcing a strict separation between thinking and achieveing. But now, as ominous storm clouds roll past the window, thunder rumbles with increasing intensity and golf ball-sized hail stones are vomited from the sky, RoT is ready to pick up its quill once more. RoT is never one to ignore pathetic fallacy but has this break changed your faithful reviewer? Is it, perhaps, ready to cease reviewing forever, leaving a near-perfect body of work to be enjoyed until, upon its death, an entire catalogue of hitherto undiscovered and graphically homoerotic material is discovered and published? Though RoT yields a burning desire to emulate the life of E. M. Forster the answer, in this instance, is no. For, over the past fourteen days, RoT has seen things. Things that need to be reviewed. And while a previously expounded lazy side does mean that RoT basks somewhat in the soapy bath of inactivity, a staunch sense of duty has driven it to leap, David Hasslehoff style, atop its brain-based Berlin Wall and smash it to pieces. Let the reviews flow forth!

Verdict: Just as it began to think in Simlish during its unfortunate Sims 2 addiction of 2004-2007, so RoT now thinks entirely in review and is happy to be back.


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