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June 13, 2011

Microdermabrase the bloat, stat!

Yes, it’s a fun word – all sexosyllabics are – but RoT has filled its Reviewing Words quota for the month, insirational dry-spells pending, so best to crack on. The process of microdermabrasion involves the mechanical exfoliation of dead skin cells. From a person’s face. What does one believe? There is nothing more important to RoT than its face. The world is not safe; there are hazards, everywhere, to faces. The thorns of a rose bush; the wing mirror of a bus driving too close to the sidewalk; men with hooks for hands; jealous exes with a ready supply of acid – it is a struggle, every day, to expose a face this important to a world of such horrors. So is applying the skincare regime equivalent of vigorous sandpapering appropriate? To disrupt and scrape and coarsely hack away at something so precious can only be a bad idea. No, RoT isn’t interested in this procedure at all. What’s that, you say? Caprice is a fan of microdermabrasion? And Carlton from Fresh Prince? And some but by no means all of the Sugabaes, line-ups present and past. AND YOU CAN HAVE IT DONE WITH DIAMONDS?! Sold.

Verdict: Beauty is a form of genius. Review blogging is not.


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