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That Person on the Bus

June 12, 2011

There But For The way too visible lady moustache.

It’s not a good idea to look at people on the bus – especially in South London – so RoT doesn’t want to be seen as encouraging this type of behaviour. As far as public transport goes, generally, the safest thing to look at is your shoes. But sometimes, the foolish risk of eye-raising pays off and you might get to see a very special type of person. This person is not appearnce specific, though it’s safe to assume that it won’t be the especially hairy stinky man clutching several, near-bursting bin liners. This person is keeping themselves to themselves. They might be sitting down, but just as equally might be standing, leaning against any available non-moist surface. They are reading a book, the title of which you can’t quite see, and they are almost finished. You will never know what they’re experiencing at that moment (unless they’re reading There But For The by Ali Smith, in which case it’s mild confusion, extreme disappointment and blood curdling rage) when the last page is turned and that person has to return to the nasty, bus-based real world. Maybe they’ll pause, staring at an empty page reflectively, or maybe they’ll immediately whip out another book and start it all again. Whatever their next move, you’ve just experienced something special – a tiny ray of sunlight in the perpetual cloud of the South London bus system.

Verdict: it’s just nice to see any commuter not relying on some piece of technical wizadry to pass the time, really. Guess RoT is a traditionalist.


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