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Generous Bus Driver

June 3, 2011

"Hop on! I'll do anything you want. ANYTHING."

The other day, RoT read about reversible jeans. Finally, the article said, the world has the reversible jeans it’s been waiting for. Not being a fan of denim, RoT hasn’t, like the rest of the world, spent its life up until now waiting in agony for the reversible jean. But it has spun a reversible review. The opinions expressed here can be completely capsized depending on whether you are sitting on, or waiting for, a bus. In this instance, RoT was sitting on the bus, which explains the forthcoming bile.

It was a hot morning and RoT was running late for an appointment. Buses are best avoided anyway, really, on account of the inevitable human waste and crazy people, but at least they tend to be generally efficient in increasing journey speed. Not so on this day. Sadly, as it got on the bus, RoT failed to note whether its driver was male or female. No matter: they were, in every way, generous. Have you burst into a last minute sprint, just to watch the bus close its doors and pull away? No matter, Generous Bus Driver will stop and let you on. Are you just a bit lazy and want to step out of your door and onto a bus? GBD is here to help! Want to get of the bus right now, in the middle of this roundabout? But of course! G BD is happy to oblige! If only there were more people in the world like Generous Bus Driver: everything would move at a SIGNIFCANTLY SLOWER PACE.

Verdict: needless to say, RoT could have rolled, limbless, to its destination with more haste than GBD displayed. But maybe this is quite a nice thing?

*/***** (depending on your position in relation to the bus)

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