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Trimming One’s Own Hair

May 7, 2011

P!nk had hoped her weird muscley moobs would detract from her DIY snip.

If the return to normality succeeding a Bank Holiday Weekend is hard, then it follows that the same task after a double BHW is twice as hard. Mathematica aside, RoT has been quiet becuase it’s been swinging to and fro between euphoria and the wildest of despairs. This has not been aided by a week of some excess, which involved at least one fine meal and copious amounts of moderately priced white wine, and climaxed in a hotel tavern and an awkward wake-up call by a jolly plump girl from Cambridge. Reflecting on past behaviour and future direction, RoT decided, whilst showering, that its hair was straying dangerously close to mullet territory and would have to be dealt with. Obvious obstacles occured in the bluntness of the scissors and the fact that RoT experienced shoulder cramp every time it reached around to trim the back of its head, but the greatest foil came once again from the ever-present danger lurking around the at-home-hair-cutee: it’s impossible to know when to stop. RoT has, often driven by emotional crises, trimmed its hair before, and every time the same occurs. But will it ever learn? Let’s end this on a cliffhanger…

Verdict: what RoT looks like post-trim, you’ll never know. Suffice to say that wake-up calls by jolly plump girls from Cambridge are likely a thing of the past.


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  1. Lauren permalink
    June 20, 2011 4:06 pm

    You know what the funniest part is?
    It wasnt DIY. Someone else did it.
    And.. wierd muscley moobs? She was pregnant at the time, how big are your dads tits?

    Shockingly bad article, terrible story, no facts, terrible layout, doesnt attract a readers attention at all, my list goes on – my professional advice?
    Give up.


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