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Nigella Lawson’s Alabaster Skin

April 20, 2011

One feels a right burk(ini).

The British press, eh? One minute they’re banning kids from sunbeds, the next they’re openly mocking culinary temptress Lawson for covering up in – and this is important – the Australian Summer sun. What do they expect? Take a look at a non burkini-clad snap of Nige and tell RoT that you’ve ever seen a more ravishing, radiant 51 year-old. Yes: 51. There’s a 61 year-old who could give her a run for her money. Who? Why, Meryl Streep, of course. And her secret? She never touches her face. See: it’s about preparationg and prevetion- you aren’t going to become a Goddess without a little deprivation. Now, RoT doesn’t want to get name-droppy here, but it has seen the alabaster one in the flesh – twice. The woman is ethereal. One can sense when she enters a room; her glow, her flawlessness. She, and her incandescent skin, belong in an art gallery, on display forever for all to bask in. So perhaps it’s little wonder that the snipey bitches over at the Mail on Sunday are sharpening their crayons over this one. After all, it would take an industrial cement mixer and a crack team of labourers to smooth over their craggy features.

Verdict: as RoT turns 200 reviews old, it is happy to finally have vociferated about one of its faves. Now, somebody buy us a Burkini, please?


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