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February 26, 2010

Alas, poor Yorick! I, like, knew him or whatever Horatio.

The word ‘like’, is like a guerrilla of, like, uncertainty in the qauntum age. No longer, like, confined to simile, ‘like’ has, like, sprung out like weeds in sentences, like, all across the country and that. But what is it, like, doing there? I hear you, like, ask. And is it, like, for me? Well, this is, like, what Reviews of Tings, like, specialise in and that. In this modern age, when everything, like, moves really fast, and you can’t stop or something will, like, interrupt you or whatever, the word ‘like’, works as a useful tool to say, ‘Like, don’t interrupt me or whatever, I’m, like, still in the middle of my sentence here, I’m just, like, thinking or whatever.’ It’s also, like, indicative of twentieth-like-century French, like, semiotics or whatever: like, nothing means what it, like, means anymore, or whatever. So, like, the word ‘like’, doesn’t really mean something is, like, similar to something, or whatever. Just like ‘dog’ doesn’t, like, really have any sort of, like, attachment to a dog or whatever. So nothing is, like, what it’s, like, called, or whatever. But, like, my dog, he still, like, knows when you, like, call him a dog or whatever; like, he still knows, like, and that – d know what I mean? What if you, like, like something or whatever – that still, like, means you like it doesn’t it? Like, I like my, like, dog, but do I, like, really?

Like, Verdict: ‘Like’ – no longer just, like, just for, like waisting time in a sentence or whatever, it’s, like, a French, like, philosophy thing or something now, like. Totally like 5 out of 10.


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